Instrument Development Services

We can address your custom measurement instrument needs from conception through to a finished product including all stages of design, build, package, and testing.  We have experience in all aspects of sensor and transducer development along with full system and interface electronics to make your custom instrumentation a reality.  Whether you are looking for a single custom sensing system or seeking to launch a new sensor product at large volumes, we can help make it happen.

Relevant capabilities:

  • Standard and high temperature capable, miniaturized instrumentation
  • High bandwidth, high-dynamic range precision measurement systems
  • MEMS and machining
  • Acoustic, pressure and shear stress sensors
  • Sensors and systems for vehicle and propulsion system diagnostic and prognostics
  • Electrostatic, piezoresistive, optical and piezoelectric transduction
  • Piezoelectric material and device development
    • smart structures, adaptive noise and flow control and miniaturized sensors

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