Sensor Packaging

IC2 offers custom sensor packaging services for all of your sensor needs. With both back end processing tools and experience, IC2 is able to combine our die and electronics fabrication capacities to achieve full end-to-end production of sensor assemblies. Our in-house capabilities include flip chip bonding, wire bonding, and other highly skilled soldering abilities to ensure minimization of packaging parasitic properties.

IC2 regularly packages our DirectShear and other IC2 sensors and knows the quality and craftsmanship needed to create high-fidelity final products. IC2’s primary business is to build sensors for aerospace customers who rely on robust and reliable sensors and often require custom packaging to meet tight tolerances in their testing facilities. We bond your sensor die to a variety of substrates such as Pyrex, glass frit, and anodic bonding. These various bond techniques, coupled with our highly skilled techs, enable minimization of surface roughness, EMI injection, and other parasitic effects to create a high-performance sensor system.

Utilizing a SemiCorp Model 850 Flip Chip Placement System, substrate bonding with a nominal accuracy of +/- 12 microns can be achieved. The integration of a heated stage in this system allows for the use of a wide variety of adhesives. Our flip chip bonding capability enables our engineers to precisely align and bond substrates prior to subsequent downstream processing, such as wire bonding, housing, or other packaging steps.

A K&S 4524D Digital Wire Bonder facilitates the connecting of die elements to chip circuitry. Comprehensive controllable bond settings make wiring between a variety of substrates is possible. The availability of our in-house wire bonding tool allows our team to quickly assemble R&D prototypes, as well as manufacture small batches of commercial products.

Following alignment and bonding, the housing of die into assemblies is often a challenging yet critical step in the fabrication of a product. IC2 is able to assist clients in the design and manufacture of robust housing products and protocols for sensitive and delicate devices.