Sensor Fabrication

Prototyping and Manufacturing

Once you have a final design in place, IC2 can help you prototype your sensors and sensing systems. From turnkey MEMS and sensor prototyping to limited production-scale manufacturing, we can fabricate and micromachine your custom sensor designs. Services include photomask generation, process flow design, MEMS fabrication, sensor packaging, and wire bonding.

Prototyping and manufacturing services include:

  • Photolithography mask layout
  • Fabrication process flow design
  • 2D/3D CAD design
  • Interface electronics design and PCB board layout
  • Turnkey MEMS fabrication services
  • Sensor packaging
  • Wire bonding
  • Electronics assembly
  • Custom enclosure build and integration


IC2 has extensive experience in silicon-based MEMS technology and fabrication utilizing our in-house techs and academic partner clean room facilities. Our specialized cost-effective solutions begin with designing a, or implementing a customer provided, photolithography mask layout and fabrication process flow design. IC2 strives to minimize the number of masks and steps in the process flow to maximize sensor yield and curtail the risks of fabrication errors in order to provide out customers with a cost-effective sensor fabrication solution.