Sensor Development Services

With sensor development expertise and deep knowledge of aerodynamic and aeroacoustic testing, IC² delivers aerospace sensing solutions with unprecedented performance.

Our engineering and technical services team support you throughout the full lifecycle of custom sensor development, from design and modeling, through fabrication, packaging and testing. Whether you need expert support at just one stage or throughout, we can turn your measurement challenge into an instrument for success.

Core Capabilities

  • Precision instrumentation and sensor design
    • Sensor and transducer design and optimization
    • High temperature capable, miniaturized instrumentation
    • Sensors and systems for vehicle and propulsion system diagnostic and prognostics
    • Piezoelectric material and device development
      • smart structures, adaptive noise and flow control and miniaturized sensors
  • Multi-domain modeling and simulation
    • Analytical modeling, analogy-based models, lumped element modeling (LEM), finite-element modeling (FEM), materials and structures analysis
    • Transducer modeling – piezoelectric, piezoresistive, magnetic, optical, capacitive, thermal
  • Sensor Prototyping and Manufacturing
    • Photolithography mask layout
    • Fabrication process flow design
    • 2D/3D CAD design
    • Interface electronics design and PCB board layout
    • Turnkey MEMS fabrication services
    • Sensor packaging and wire bonding
    • Electronics assembly and custom enclosure build and integration
  • Characterization, calibration and analysis
    • Free-field, anechoic and wind-tunnel acoustic measurement and analysis – noise identification, noise control characterization
    • Shear-stress, pressure sensor and microphone calibration
    • Ultra-high-frequency pressure sensor calibration (In-development)

We can help you get your next design off the ground.

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