With our expertise in sensor design, microfabrication and rigorous calibration, coupled with our intimate knowledge of experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, IC2 can deliver aerospace sensing solutions that offer an unprecedented level of performance in a miniaturized package. Whether you need a customized solution or one of our off-the-shelf products, we can turn your measurement challenge into an instrument for success.

Core Capabilities

  • Miniaturized instrumentation development
    • High temperature capable, miniaturized instrumentation for aerospace applications
    • Highly-resolved, high bandwidth acoustic, pressure and shear stress measurement
    • Sensors and systems for vehicle and propulsion system diagnostic and prognostics
    • Piezoelectric material and device development
      • smart structures, adaptive noise and flow control and miniaturized sensors
  • Modeling and design
    • Analytical modeling, analogy-based models, lumped element modeling (LEM), finite-element modeling (FEM), materials and structures analysis
    • Transducer design – piezoelectric, piezoresistive, magnetic, optical, capacitive, thermal
  • Characterization and analysis
    • Free-field, anechoic and wind-tunnel acoustic measurement and analysis – noise identification, sensor testing, noise control characterization
  • Engine Noise reduction
    • Technology development to reduce aircraft engine noise
  • Full development life cycle
    • Concept development, modeling, design, optimization, fabrication/assembly, characterization/calibration, commercialization/transition to manufacturing

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