Static and Dynamic MEMS Pressure Sensors

IC²’s static and dynamic pressure sensors measure mean and fluctuating pressures over a wide dynamic range and bandwidth.  We are developing micromachined pressure sensors based on both piezoelectric and optical transduction approaches to meet stringent performance and operating requirements.   Our piezoelectric  pressure sensors deliver exceptionally high bandwidth and dynamic range in an ultra-miniaturized form factor. Our optical sensors enable operation in extreme and harsh environments while minimizing size, weight and power.  Our static pressure sensors and dynamic pressure sensors are in various stages of development.  Contact us now to get more information, reserve yours or to discuss how we can customize these products to meet your specific needs.

Dynamic Pressure Sensing Arrays

Our MEMS dynamic pressure sensor arrays mid-stream in fabrication.  IC² is actively developing miniaturized piezoelectric dynamic pressure sensing arrays with sub-millimeter resolution and spacing.  These sensing arrays provide up to 16 pressure measurements on a single chip while delivering high-bandwidth, high-dynamic range measurement performance.  The ability to integrate multiple sensors together on the same sensor die enables high-density, high-channel count measurements.  The sensors are housed in a flush-mountable, smooth package, minimizing flow disturbance.  Additionally, the extremely low power requirements result in a near-zero thermal flow disturbance.


  • Smallest available dynamic pressure sensors
  • Highest available spatial resolution pressure sensor array via monolithic integration of multiple sensors on the same chip
  • Minimal flow disturbance via tight tolerancing from microfabrication and precision packaging
  • Easier and lower cost installation due to multiple sensors in same package
  • Significantly reduced power requirements compared to piezoresistive approaches
    Highly miniaturized instrumentation - IC2 is developing dynamic pressure sensors arrays with sub-millimeter spacing and resolution.  Designed from the ground up to be non-intrusive and compact while still delivering high performance measurements.
  • Near-zero thermal disturbance
  • High bandwidth (up to 1 MHz)
  • High dynamic range (> 120 dB)
  • Low noise floor


  • Instrumentation-grade dynamic wall-pressure sensing in wind-tunnel and flight environments
  • Non-intrusive and high-temperature dynamic pressure sensing
  • Boundary-layer transition measurements
  • In-flight flow control
  • Propulsion system and engine health management
  • Hypersonic pressure sensing – aerosurfaces and propulsion systems

Product Families

  • MEMS Optical Pressure SensorsStandard temperature
    • High temperature
  • MEMS Piezoelectric Dynamic Pressure Sensors
    • Discrete
    • Arrays

Contact us now to get more information, reserve yours or to discuss how we can customize these products to meet your specific needs.


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