MEMS Aeroacoustic Microphones

IC²’s MEMS microphones and microphone arrays are designed from the ground up to accurately measure critical noise emissions from aerosurfaces, propulsion systems and other aircraft components.  Designed to withstand high-intensity sound and survive all-weather environments, yet sensitive enough to pinpoint low amplitude noise sources.  Our instrumentation-grade microphones are based on proven MEMS-based piezoelectric technologies and are optimized for use in wind-tunnels, on the side of aircraft and other high-flow and high-intensity environments.  The microphones offer high dynamic range, a low noise floor and ultra-high bandwidth performance in an extremely low-profile, compact package to meet the requirements of reduced-scale model aeroacoustic testing in wind-tunnels.  The small package size also enable arrays with high spatial resolution for beamforming and acoustic imaging applications.


  • Instrumentation-grade acoustic sensing
  • Wind-tunnel aeroacoustic measurements
  • All-weather acoustic measurements
  • High-density acoustic arrays
  • Surveillance
  • Collision avoidance


Stay tuned.  New microphone products are now in the later stages of development and will soon be commercially available.  Contact us now to get more information, reserve yours or to discuss how we can customize these products to meet your unique needs.

  • Piezoelectric Microphones (Coming Soon)
  • Piezoelectric Microphone Arrays (Coming Soon)