IEPE Power Supply and Signal Conditioner



Datasheet available upon request.

The ASC-1401-SAL IEPE Power Supply transforms the output of piezo-ceramics or other Constant Current Power (CCP) devices into a low impedance voltage signal that can be transmitted into a measurement device. A constant current excitation between 1 mA and 15 mA is provided to the sensor. The sensor then sends a vibration signal back to the supply where the sensor bias voltage is removed. The vibration signal with the DC bias removed is then sent to the output connector/data acquisition system. This device also conditions the incoming sensor signal preparing it for output to data acquisition systems. The ASC-1401-SAL can be operated on either DC line or battery power. The included battery provides over 20 hours of continuous use.

Custom options are available with gain, 50 Ω line driving, and low / high pass filtering (all filtering options specified at 0.1 dB). A-Weighted filtering is also available. Please contact IC2 to discuss your custom requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Excitation Current: 1-15 mA
  • Large Bandwidth: >1 MHz
  • Low Voltage Noise: 1.7 nV/ @ 1 kHz
  • Short / Open Circuit Detection
  • Suitable for laboratory and field testing due to compact design and battery operation