Company Overview

IC2 (Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation) is a research and development company specializing in sensors and sensing systems.  ICwas founded in 2001 to provide a commercialization path for UF generated intellectual property (Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group@UF) specifically in the areas of MEMS-based instrumentation, flow control, acoustics and smart materials.  The company also conducts consulting in interdisciplinary engineering fields.  Since inception, IC has performed significant R&D in MEMS-based microphones, shear-stress sensors, and acoustic arrays, as well as active flow control and smart materials.  Headquartered in Gainesville, FL, IC2  employs engineers and research scientists with extensive experience in the design, development and characterization of micromachined sensors. Key personnel at IC have significant relevant experience in piezoelectric, piezoresistive, capacitive, thermal and optical transducers, adaptive acoustic engine liners for noise reduction, active flow control, and diagnostic and prognostic system health monitoring.  Development efforts span from the component level (e.g. transducers) up to full systems (e.g. sensor systems such as acoustic arrays with signal processing HW/SW).  A major R&D thrust has also targeted high-temperature, harsh environments to enable miniaturized instrumentation for aerospace propulsion systems and engine health management systems.

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