Sean Edwards Kicks Off Electrical Engineering Internship with IC2

by Jared Anderson on May 19, 2020 10:03:07 AM

As a part of IC2's continued summer internship program, we are happy to announce Sean Edwards has joined our electrical engineering staff. Sean will be responsible for design and documentation of IC2 electrical standard references and test jigs,...

A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement - #7 - Optical Transduction

by Jared Anderson on May 12, 2020 5:06:20 PM

Part 7 of "A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement" focuses on optical direct transduction methods used in IC2's DirectShear Sensors (direct methods: piezoresistivepiezoelectric, capacitive, and optical).

A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement - #6 - Capacitive Transduction

by Jared Anderson on Apr 29, 2020 10:42:50 AM

This section focuses on capacitive direct transduction methods used in IC2's DirectShear Sensors (direct methods: piezoresistivepiezoelectric, capacitive, and optical).

David Mills Named President of IC2

by IC2 on Apr 23, 2020 1:53:28 PM

IC2 is excited to announce that David Mills has been named as President of IC2 effective as of April 18, 2020.  David previously held the position of Vice President of Engineering.

Deontae Lafayette Hired as Senior Financial Analyst

by Jared Anderson on Apr 21, 2020 4:45:22 PM

IC2 is thrilled to welcome Deontae Lafayette to our team! Deontae brings invaluable experience in financial analysis and data modelling with him to lead the IC2 efforts towards deeper examination and evaluation of operational metrics, industry...

IC2 Receives Patent for Sensor Backside Wire Bonding

by Jared Anderson on Apr 14, 2020 1:42:38 PM

IC2 recently received US Patent #10,461,239 titled "Microscale Sensor Structure with Backside Contacts and Packaging of the Same" for our breakthroughs in sensor packaging. VP of Engineering David Mills led this research and implemented the...

A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement - #5 - Piezoelectric Transduction

by Jared Anderson on Apr 6, 2020 2:17:45 PM

Moving forward with the four main direct transduction methods commonly employed with floating element shear stress sensors (piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive, and optical), this section centers on piezoelectric technologies.

AFWERX Contract Awarded for Calibrated MHz-Bandwidth Pressure Sensors

by Jared Anderson on Mar 31, 2020 8:15:00 AM

IC2 was recently awarded an AFWERX Phase 1 contract for Calibrated, MHz-Bandwidth, Dynamic Pressure Sensors for Quantitative Measurements in Hypersonic Flows through the SBIR program (J20.1).

A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement - #4 - Piezoresistive Transduction

by Jared Anderson on Mar 25, 2020 4:24:17 PM

The first few sections of this guide discussed indirect vs. direct measurement of wall shear stress. The remainder of this guide will dive deeper into direct, floating element shear stress sensors, focusing on transduction methods and how to...

NASA Spinoff Article Highlights DirectShear Sensors

by Jared Anderson on Mar 23, 2020 12:37:17 PM

NASA Spinoff recently published this article about IC2's patented DirectShear Sensors. From NASA Spinoff's website "Spinoff profiles NASA technologies that have transformed into commercial products and services. About 50 spinoff technologies are...