IC2 Upgrades to Larger Facilities

Posted by Tai-An Chen on Jan 18, 2019 10:15:13 AM

IC2 has recently moved its operations to a larger facility in order to accommodate the increase in personnel and expanding lab space requirements.

In 2018, IC2 experienced a 60% growth in our labor workforce, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and microfabrication personnel.  unnamed (2)Due to this growth, IC2 has tripled the size of their facility from 1000 sqft to 3000 sqft. The new facility allows for more lab space, assembly workstations, and offices for research personnel while providing a conference area for visitors.  The office is also conveniently located near the Nanoscale Research Facility at the University of Florida for sensor microfabrication and development.

unnamed (1)The additional space and personnel also enables IC2 to start manufacturing electronics products (example: signal conditioning units) and providing additional engineering services, ranging from wire-bonding to flip-chip bonding and packaging.


The address for the new location address is:image1

4585 NW 6th St., Suite C

Gainesville, FL 32609

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About IC2

IC2  builds on two decades of research and rigorous testing to deliver scientific-grade precision sensors that push the envelope of aerospace measurement accuracy and performance. IC2’s precision sensors and instrumentation are designed from the ground up to meet the challenging environments of the aerospace industry.

From wind tunnels and other ground test facilities to flight test platforms, IC2 delivers scientific-grade measurement tools that provide unprecedented performance, including:

  1. Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  2. Greater accuracy and precision
  3. Higher spatial resolution
  4. Ability to operate in environments considered too extreme for most sensors 

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