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IC2 Wins Air Force P2 – Ultra-High Temp Optical Shear Stress Sensors

Posted by Steve Horowitz on Jun 1, 2016 6:12:00 AM

IC², a pioneer in the development of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) based sensors for aerospace applications, today announced that the Air Force has awarded the company a new Phase II STTR contract to continue development work on a sapphire optical shear stress sensor for use in ultra-high temperature, high speed flows.

IC2 is developing ultra-high temperature capable  shear-stress sensors using sapphire sensing heads and sapphire optical fibers.

IC2 is developing ultra-high temperature capable shear-stress sensors using sapphire sensing heads and sapphire optical fibers.

Under this new 2 year contract, IC² will be developing sapphire optical wall shear stress sensors and dynamic pressure sensors that can operate in hypersonic flow environments. Realization of these measurement capabilities will enable characterization of complex boundary layer flows in ground and flight test applications. The shear stress sensor consists of a miniature sapphire floating element sensor that uses an optical readout method for direct sensing of wall shear stress.  This MEMS-based sensor uses high temperature capable sapphire optical fibers for readout, enabling operation at up to 1700 ºF.  The optical fiber array can be several meters long, allowing for the electronics to be remotely located away from the high temperatures of the measurement model and facility. The advantages of the all-sapphire optical sensing scheme include: known, stable material properties; immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI); resistance to cross-axis inputs (e.g., pressure and temperature); and a decrease in temperature sensitivity due to excellent thermal matching between sensor components.

In addition to the shear stress sensor, a robust high-temperature package for a sapphire optical pressure sensor will be developed. This pressure sensor also uses a sapphire optical fiber for readout, enabling operation in the same high temperature environments.

The time-accurate, continuous, direct measurement of fluctuating wall shear stress is currently not possible in high-speed flow applications. The realization of this capability not only benefits hypersonic vehicle development but also impacts fundamental compressible boundary layer flow physics research areas such as transition to turbulence and shock/boundary layer interactions.

The work will be carried out in conjunction with Innoveering and the University of Florida.

About IC²

The Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation (IC²) is a technology leader in miniaturized sensors and sensing systems for aerospace applications. IC² was founded in 2001 to develop high-performance, technologically disruptive instrumentation systems that enable the measurement, modeling, and control of various physical properties. IC² is currently developing products in the areas of MEMS-based instrumentation, flow control, acoustics and smart materials.  Since inception, IC² has performed significant R&D in MEMS-based microphones, shear-stress sensors, and acoustic arrays, as well as active flow control and smart materials. Key personnel at IC² have significant relevant experience in piezoelectric, piezoresistive, capacitive, thermal and optical transducers, adaptive acoustic engine liners for noise reduction, active flow control, and diagnostic and prognostic system health monitoring. Development efforts span from the component level (e.g. transducers) up to full systems (e.g. sensor systems such as acoustic arrays with signal processing HW/SW).

IC²’s sensors and miniaturized instrumentation systems are designed from the ground up to meet the challenging environments of the aerospace industry.

  • high-temperature, harsh environment sensors for aerospace propulsion and engine health management systems
  • low-profile ultra miniaturized sensors for aeroacoustic noise and skin-friction measurement

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