AIAA Aviation 19 Day 1

Posted by Jared Anderson on Jun 19, 2019 11:07:29 AM

00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190618122331855_COVEREngineers, Scientists, and Model Airplanes Galore! Day 1 at AIAA Aviation was a great success as IC2 engineers David Mills and myself (Jared Anderson) displayed DirectShear and our other product lines in the Expo Hall (booth 509 by The Hub). 


It is quite interesting to get to meet the wide variety of people who swing by our booth and to hear all of the different backgrounds that come together to make this conference a special place. From the tried and true engineers from NASA and Boeing, to the excited undergrad students from around the world, AIAA is truly a place that brings us Aerospace geeks together. Hope to see you on the expo hall floor! 



Topics: Conference, DirectShear, Expo

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IC2  builds on two decades of research and rigorous testing to deliver scientific-grade precision sensors that push the envelope of aerospace measurement accuracy and performance. IC2’s precision sensors and instrumentation are designed from the ground up to meet the challenging environments of the aerospace industry.

From wind tunnels and other ground test facilities to flight test platforms, IC2 delivers scientific-grade measurement tools that provide unprecedented performance, including:

  1. Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  2. Greater accuracy and precision
  3. Higher spatial resolution
  4. Ability to operate in environments considered too extreme for most sensors 

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