Alan Albritton

Mechanical Engineer

Alan Albritton is a mechanical engineer at IC2.   Alan recently received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida in 2018, where he also served as team lead for the SubjuGator autonomous underwater vehicle project in the Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL) at UF.  Alan was also section leader for the University of Florida Marching Band from 2012-2017.  Prior to UF, Alan received his Associate of Arts in Engineering in 2013 from Santa Fe College.

  • Mechanical Engineer  IC2, Oct 2018 – Present
  • SubjuGator Team Lead, Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL), University of Florida, Jan 2017-2018
  • Construction Worker - Tom's Aluminum, June 2013 – June 2018
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, May 2018
  • A.A. in Engineering, Santa Fe College, Dec 2013