Shear Stress Sensors

Direct measurements for unprecedented precision of mean and fluctuating shear stress.

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Aeroacoustic Microphones

Instrumentation-grade for wind tunnel & flight test that survive all-weather environments.

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Pressure Sensors

Sensors and integrated arrays to sense fluctuating pressures in an ultra-compact package.

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IC²'s Approach to Innovation

With a deep knowledge of aerospace testing requirements and over two decades of research and rigorous testing, IC² delivers scientific-grade precision sensors that push the envelope of aerospace measurement accuracy and performance.

Precision Sensor Expertise

IC² brings over 20 years of experience in developing precision sensors for aerospace measurements. With a team of in-house sensor developers, we use industry-proven development techniques to maximize performance.  We leverage application-specific transduction methods, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Extensive Aerospace Test Background

IC² leverages internal domain expertise in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and aeroacoustics testing when developing new sensors. Our team is actively engaged in the aerosciences research community, continually learning from the latest research in academia and across the industry, in addition to leading and sharing our own research and findings.

Scientific-Grade Measurement Tools

The end result of this combination of precision sensor expertise and extensive aerospace test knowledge is a suite of scientific-grade measurement tools that offer higher bandwidth, greater dynamic range, increased accuracy and precision, and better spatial resolution than the competition; all designed explicitly for the challenging environment of aerospace measurements.

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